First month’s care free after hospital say

Admission to hospital can be worrying and disruptive to your normal routine. Many people feel happier and more comfortable at home as they recover. 

Having technology-enabled care systems installed at home will often mean you can return home sooner from hospital with the network of alarms and sensors giving medical and care staff additional confidence that you’ll be safe when you leave the ward. 

This is why we are offering the first four weeks of a Safe at Home telecare package for free if you are a new customer who joins us immediately after a period as a hospital in-patient. 

As well as a free month of technology enabled care, we will also provide a free home safety advice visit, installation of a key safe so that friends, family or carers can get into your home without needing you to answer the door, and we’ll even move your furniture around if it’s going to make your home a safer place.

If you or someone you care about is currently in hospital you can arrange to have a Safe at Home package installed after the return home. You could also speak to the medical team or discharge team to see if one of our packages is a good fit for them.

Full terms and conditions will be supplied. To enquire about this offer, please email us using the referral form below.