Go Pendant Safe At Home

Go Pendant – Now Available

This product is part of our services packages and is not for resale

Whether you are at home, heading to the shops, walking through the park or going to visit friends, GO has your safety covered every step of the way. GO encourages you to have more independence in your day to day activities, both at home and out and about. You can be confident knowing that help is at your fingertips.


  • Fall detection – for extra peace of mind
  • GPS – so we can locate you quickly
  • Speakerphone – for easy communication
  • Voice announcements – lets you know that help is on the way
  • Wireless charging – just once a month

Costs involved:

  • One off set-up fee of £35.00 (excl.VAT)
  • Weekly rental fee of £6.80 (excl. VAT)


  • A key safe is required for this subscription (we can supply this for a small fee, see products page)
  • You supply contact details of two people who live locally and can respond to your emergency calls both day and night