Pearl Alarm Buttons

Pearl Alarm Button

This product is part of our services packages and is not for resale

The Pearl range contains Chiptech’s standard alarm button offering with many wearing options including Brooch, Watch, Pendant or Easy Press.  

The Pearl range is IP68 waterproof and has a range of 300m providing superior protection inside the home and outside in the garden. Pearl also benefits from a transceiver meaning that it has advanced communication with the base unit. With its flashing lights around the outer edge, the unit gives confidence to the end user by providing reassurance that their alert for help has been received by the base unit. This feature helps installers to accurately range test around the house and garden area. Pearl can also be setup to self-test giving the optimum in safety and reassurance.

The Pearl Pendant has a surgical grade stainless steel chain with clasp, which will break if significant pressure is applied.