Seven Base Unit

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Seven is a digital telecare system with a unique voice guided installation system.

The simple voice guided process ensures good cellular coverage is available, that range testing is completed and connection with the monitoring centre is secured in line with industry standards.

Seven’s advanced technology is presented in an easy to use system for the both the customer providing safety and reassurance and for the installer, providing both local and remote programming.

Seven uses IP to its full potential offering the option to be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or to the Chiptech Response App for monitoring by family, friends, or caregivers with escalation to the ARC if required.

Seven is supplied with a comprehensive ‘User Guide’ and ‘Installation Guide’ to assist the user.

How to use the product

User guides

Sometimes you'll need a bit of help when using your Safe at Home technology, but we've got your back! Download the user guide for this product below.